EU-Japan Collaborative Project on Intelligent Knowledge-as-a-Service (iKaaS)

9/ May/ 2017
iKaaS webinar event

Nowadays, the pervasiveness of IoT devices in Smart Cities (let them be sensors/actuators, personal devices like mobile phones etc.) creates a wealth of information that if manipulated appropriately can reveal knowledge and insights of unprecedented value for Smart City applications. In addition to IoT devices, the infrastructure owned even by individuals these days has raised to a level that it can support functionalities traditionally offered by legacy cloud installations.

Introduction to Reactive Box component of Madrid Local Cloud

The video shows how the information and data is available in the Reactive Box component of the Madrid Local Cloud, which includes, among others, real time information about buses, environmental sensors and other parameters, providing georeferenced data which can be easily checked clicking on the different menu options and icons

Sensor Polen

This video shows the pilot that took place in Navacerrada meteorological station, with trditional spore trap, belonging to Palinocam network and the new japonese pollen sensor and explain the two differents mechanisms of sampling.

Madrid Use Case: Introduction

"Madrid’s pilot project aims at managing the pollen and air pollution data generated in the city of Madrid through the IkaaS platform. It also adds health-related information to the platform so it can be used both locally and at a higher level. The referred to information, which is currently statistical, is intended to become dynamic, georeferenced, real-time and short-term predictable, hence the use of sensors located on a number of buses running within the City.

Lab testing environmental sensor

“The video shows the development performed by EMT Madrid to integrate the pollutant and pollen sensors within a housing that allows its installation in the roof of the bus. The installation includes air inlets to let air getting in and out keeping an air reservoir inside which is the one analyzed”