Bulletins, Videos and other types of dissemination

iKaaS Partners

1. The Bulletin of European Information: MADRID EUROPE CONNECTED Nº 18, August 2015. Published in www.madrid.org/europa, Services and Resources and Bulletin Connected Madrid Europe, Publication of an article.

2. White paper of the cluster “New Approaches for Infrastructure Services”, UNIS contributed to it.

3. The CloudWatch service catalogue http://www.cloudwatchhub.eu/service-offer-catalogue UNIS contributed to it.

4. Poster that is promoting the project’s visibility to visitors in our premises in Guildford, UK.

5. YouTube Video, Preparation of Video on demonstration of “Knowledge as a Service for Assisted Living in Smart City” and uploading on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QIoorrjAWM.

6. YouTube Video, official iKaaS project video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AyNw2efQOdc.

7. Local and national media, including press, radio and TV; Madrid City Council have made some dissemination of the project, during the last project meeting in Madrid in October 2015.

8. University of Oulu Press release http://www.oulu.fi/yliopisto/uutiset/2014/10/oulun-yliopisto-mukana-eu-j... (20.10.2014).

9. University of Oulu Press release http://cht.oulu.fi/news/ikaas-project-deciphers-health-and-wellbeing-app... (28.10.2014)