Data Management Scheme to Enable Efficient Analysis of Sensing Data for Smart Community

Yuichi Hashi
Kazuyoshi Matsumoto
Yoshinori Seki
Masahiro Hiji
Toru Abe
Takuo Suganuma
Hitachi Solutions East Japan, Ltd.; Tohoku University
Published in: 
Proceedings of 2015 IEEE 39th Annual International Computers, Software & Applications Conference

ICT supports smart communities in their aim to build efficient and sustainable social infrastructure. To realize a smart community, it is necessary to manage and analyze data about the community including large volumes of sensing data, meta-data, as well as information on data sources and consent for use, all of which are interrelated. We propose a data management scheme capable of both high-speed search of large volumes of data for analysis, and flexible search of data which changes depending on the collection environment. A major characteristic of our scheme is that it combines a schema-free, document-oriented database and an RDF database suited for flexible search. We believe that the proposed data management scheme is one able to minimize the time required for analysis and reduce the volume of meta-data associated with the sensing data acquired as a result of the search.