Town Management and Health Support Service in Tago-Nishi

  • Town management is a basic town asset management to take care of common area of town, such as road, park, street light, etc. When any damage is detected by sensors or reported by residents, the town management workers will fix the problem. It may also warns the residents if the risk is there in town.
  • Health support service is regarded important especially for the elderly care. One of the biggest threats to the health of the elderly is the loss of mobility due to sarcopenia, depression, and cognitive disorders. It has been scientifically proven that the continuation of physical activity to a certain degree may reduce the risk of such diseases and therefore help maintain mobility to the average senior citizen. Sendai Green Community Association hopes to partner with private or NPO health care service providers (and/or public sectors responsible for community health) to monitor the behaviour of the elderly. By doing so, this will notify the senior citizens, their families, and their health care provider of their choice and ultimately avoid long term nursing care.
  • Results collected from accelerometers will serve as primary data for monitoring physical activity. The data may be accessible to individuals, as well as those responsible for elderly health care in the public sector. In addition, combined analyses of multidisciplinary information, such as environmental and personal health information, may be able to better inform the individual for effective and safe physical activity.
  • the use of wearable accelerometers that will provide physical activity information with a sampling rate of 30 Hz during the hours in which one is awake, evaluations on whether one should/could go outdoors will be determined by the CO2 level of the home in conjunction with the outside environment conditions that will be monitored by imaging sensors and the temperature. The health awareness of the individual will be monitored by how frequent one uses a body weight scale. This data will need to be delivered online to the cloud computing system without any effort from these individuals. The cloud computing system is where the AI system will the generate knowledge required for these senior citizens.