The Centre for Communication Systems Research (CCSR) is a leading center for mobile communication research in the EE department of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences (FEPS) at The University of Surrey (UNIS), UK. The prominent role that the University and the Centre maintain in the field of mobile and wireless communications is recognized from both academic and industrial point of view.

The University has been recently awarded as 8th best university in the UK and its EE department, to which the CCSR belons, is currently ranked 2nd in the UK, according to the Guardian league table. From an industrial perspective, CCSR has been recently awarded with over 35 Millions GBP public and private funding to research and deliver new 5G technologies by 2020.

In light of its involvement in the Internet of Things (IoT), an area in which CCSR research is very prominent from its dawn, with leading participation in numerous EU and UK (EPSRC and TSB) projects, (such as IST FP6 e-SENSE, and FP7 ICT SENSEI, IoT-A, IoT-i, EXALTED, FI-PP FI-WARE, i-CORE, IoT.est, PROBE-IT, Smart Santander, and FI PPP OUTSMART), CCSR is highly involved in fostering new strategic industrial and academic collaborations in UK and in the world aiming to build the vision that the 5G technologies should encompass not only voice and video communication (as for the 4G network) but also any other kind of data, in a seamless and reliable way, thus increasing the human capability in observing the real world.

Due to its involvement in more recent EU FP7 Projects, such as SocIoTal and IoT Lab, and strong interdisciplinary and international
collaborations, CCSR is highly committed to realize this view by defining new technologies to digitalize, through IoT, mobile smartphones communication and Big Data, many aspects of our lives.

United Kingdom