Madrid Salud

The Directorate of Public Health of Community of Madrid has the responsibility of monitoring and control of environmental health risk factors. The principal aim is to identify these risks, develop and monitoring systems and offer all the available information to preserve the health of citizens. It includes the Area of Environmental Risks in Health develops the program of airborne pollen and other physical and chemical environmental determinants with effect in health. Pollen airborne concentration is monitored by continuous analysis of their levels by spore traps distributed by the region, spreading the pollen information through the page Web, electronic mail and messages SMS. It also includes the Palynological Network of the Community of Madrid is integrated by the Health Department acting as the coordinating center, 11 aerobiological sample points and the Pharmacy department of the Complutense University of Madrid, (U.C.M.), acting as technical management of the network. This activity has been coming developing for more than 20 years and its purpose is to support to the sanitary professionals of the welfare system and the affected population.

Madrid Region