Ambient Assisted Living in Smart City

Elderly care is one of the main societal challenges in EU and Japan. Both governments have taken special policy and technical measures to address the problem. These problems include risks of age related impairments such as poor health, cognitive impairment, frailty and social exclusion with considerable negative consequences for their independence, quality of life, that of those who care for them, and for the sustainability of health and care systems.

  • Self-management/early detection and healthcare personalization is essential to address the problem. The goal of this use case is to impact by improving quality of life and engagement in social activities of elderly people.
  • The iKaaS system will help elderly people lead an independent life and successfully establish and follow their daily routine and adhere to medical treatments.
  • The elderly person will be able to view his or her data regarding health measurements in a specific app and share them with their care specialist on a consent basis, which will provide means to extended currently established care treatments. The application will support also improved safety of such independent living by sending automatic alerts to care personnel in case of missing or alarming observations next-to-kin.