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iKaaS receives Best Booth Award at EUCNC 2017.

14/ Jun/ 2017
EUCNC 2017

The iKaaS project did receive the "Best Booth Award" at the EUCNC 2017, held in Oulu, Finland from 12-15th of June. The exhibition comprised some 40 stalls, showing both commercial and research demos. The iKaaS booth was voted as the best demo at this years conference.

iKaaS will be present at EUCNC 2017, Oulu, Finland, June 13-15, 2017

13/ Jun/ 2017
Oulu, Finland

iKaaS will be present at EUCNC 2017, Oulu, Finland, June 13-15, 2017 with an exhibition booth that will demonstrate project results such as the power of the iKaaS platform, in terms of combining Local and Global Clouds to provide optimal service deployment, smart virtual object as a service and Knowledge as a Service for building innovative, cross-border, situation-aware applications. Aspects of iKaaS pilots and use cases will be showcased: a) Environmental health in Madrid; b) Community service in Tago - Nishi and (c) Assisted living in Smart City.

CloudWATCH2 final event to take place in 20th September in Amsterdam

20/ Sep/ 2017

CloudWATCH2 final event to take place in 20th September in Amsterdam http://www.cloudwatchhub.eu/summit

This is an excellent opportunity for stakeholders active in the cloud computing area, to learn more not only about technical advances in the area, but also about market opportunities as well as legal issues that need to be accounted for when rolling out cloud based services.

iKaaS Project

One of the biggest challenges in our society is to drive the technological progress to a place where everyone feel secure, while leveraging opportunities. Big data and internet of things are trends which will influence and impact the future development of cloud computing systems. Information gathering, processing and computing of Big Data generated from and delivered to highly distributed devices (e.g. sensors and actuators) creates new challenges, especially for services and data hosted and executed across borders including EU and Japan.

These requirements will impact the underlying cloud infrastructure, requiring efficient management of very large sets of globally distributed data that could be produced at very high rates. A multi‐cloud service platform needs to handle all these challenges and appear to the application environment as one uniform platform.

In this sense, iKaaS aims to integrate three big technologic fields (IoT, Big Data and Cloud Computing), to develop a new platform where, while leveraging the power of IoT such as virtualization and real-time processing, and Big Data analysis technics are working to generate knowledge that will be provided to users through applications that will run in a Multi-cloud environment.

This multi-cloud environment is composed by application or business domain clouds, named Local Clouds, which feed with data and knowledge to supra cloud entities that manage and coordinates resources, application deployment, data exchange, etc. in order to empower new business opportunities while preserving security and privacy among the different business domains and political borders.